Thursday, 5 May 2016

New Publication: "Lucifer Over Luxor: Archaeology, Egyptology, and Occultism in Kenneth Anger's Magick Lantern Cycle"

Just a quick note to point any of my readers over in the direction of a new publication of mine – “Lucifer Over Luxor: Archaeology, Egyptology, and Occultism in Kenneth Anger’s Magick Lantern Cycle” – which has just appeared in the academic journal Present Pasts. The article is based on a paper which I presented at the “Monstrous Antiquities: Archaeology and the Uncanny” conference, held at University College London’s Institute of Archaeology back in November 2013. One of the primary reasons why I chose to submit the manuscript to this particular journal was because it’s open access, and thus all of its articles can be read online for free (or downloaded as a PDF – also for free!), which is a massive benefit in a world where most academic publications are locked behind paywalls. The subject matter is of course a little niche for most people, but I hope it will intrigue anyone with an interest in the use of archaeology and heritage in either twentieth-century occultism or in experimental cinema. For those interested in giving it a read, the link to the journal website can be found here, or alternately, I have uploaded a copy to my account here. Enjoy!