Friday, 30 November 2012

Announcing a forthcoming series of interviews....

Hello there fair readers! After admiring the two interviews undertaken with Professor Ronald Hutton - Bristol University's eminent historian and specialist in British folklore and contemporary Paganism - that had been conducted by Australian archaeologist and Pagan Caroline Tully over at her blog, Necropolis Now (from May 2011 and February 2012, respectively), I have decided to undertake several interviews of my own, which will in turn be posted on here for all you lucky young things to read.

My intention is to focus on the interview of academics whose scholarly efforts are focused in on those areas which particularly fascinate me; esoteric and Pagan history, as well as the archaeology of prehistoric and early medieval Europe, although I am more than happy to branch out from this if I feel that it is relevant. It is my hope that both established academics and aspiring postgraduates will take this as an opportunity to explain their ongoing research to a wider audience, and attract interest to their publications. I already have several subjects confirmed, themselves fairly big names in certain circles, so just watch this space!