Sunday, 5 August 2012

Book Review of Kerriann Godwin's edited volume, "The Museum of Witchcraft: A Magical History"

May saw the appearance of the latest edition of The Pomegranate: The International Journal of Pagan Studies, currently the only peer-reviewed academic publication devoted to the ever-expanding field of Pagan Studies. Due to a mix-up with my subscription, I have still yet to have received my copy of this issue, Volume 13(1), although I'm hoping that it should pop through the letter box any day now.

Anyway, the relevance to myself is that within its pages is a book review authored by yours truly, representing my very first review featured in an academic publication. Hopefully, it will be the first of many, and there are already plans afoot to publish two further book reviews of mine in an upcoming volume of The Pomegranate. Thanks must go to Dr. Christopher Chase, book review editor for the journal, who offered a number of suggestions and improvements to the prose of my review.

The wonderfully evocative
cover to Godwin's new anthology.
Copyright belongs to The Occult
Art Company, 2011.
The review in question is a critical examination of The Museum of Witchcraft: A Magical History, an edited volume put together by Kerriann Godwin and published by The Occult Art Company in 2011. Containing contributions from the likes of Marian Green, Patricia Crowther and Ronald Hutton, this work will be of interest to anyone fascinated by the British Craft scene, as should my review itself. Also of note is that since my review was written and sent to press, The Occult Art Company has proceeded to release a  second, paperback edition of the anthology, which could be yours for the sum of £18!

My review is 100% free and accessible as a PDF document on the website of Equinox Publishing, the company who have been responsible for printing The Pomegranate since 2004. Grab your copy here!