Tuesday, 17 November 2015

Upcoming conference: "Seriously Bewitched" at Goldsmiths, southeast London

Those living in the vicinity of London and who have an interest in the subject of witchcraft may be excited to learn that the Association for the Scientific Study of Anomalous Phenomenon (ASSAP) will be holding a one-day conference – titled “Seriously Bewitched” – on Saturday 29 November 2015. To be held on the premises of Goldsmiths, University of London in New Cross, Southeast London, the event follows on the heels of last year’s sold-out ASSAP conference “Seriously Possessed” and will be devoted to witchcraft in its various manifestations, both historical and contemporary.

I will be speaking at an afternoon session on “The New Witches of the West”, while other speakers include Deborah Hyde (editor-in-chief of The Skeptic magazine), Charmaine Sonnex (PhD candidate at the University of Northampton), Bekie Bird (Wiccan priestess), Mark Norman (folklorist), Christian Jensen Romer (parapsychologist) and Helen Cornish (anthropologist at Goldsmiths) – it’s an eclectic mix, but one which is sure to make for a fascinating day.  Although myself and other academics have been invited to talk, the event is not explicitly an "academic conference" and thus should be easily accessible to anyone who has an interest in this intriguing subject. Most of the tickets have already been bought but I am given to understand that a few can still be purchased here. If it sounds like your thing, come along!

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