Friday, 8 May 2015

New Publication: Book Review of Anders Andren's "Tracing Old Norse Cosmology"

Just as I had opened this working week with the announcement that Nova Religio had published one of my book reviews, so I must close it by pointing out that another of my reviews has been published in Time and Mind: The Journal of Archaeology, Consciousness and Culture (vol. 8, no. 2). The review in question is devoted to a 2014 book by archaeologist Anders Andrén titled Tracing Old Norse Cosmology: The World Tree, Middle Earth, and the Sun in Archaeological Perspectives. Many of my readers might also be interested to know that this same issue of Time and Mind also contains a book review authored by Ronald Hutton (whom I interviewed here back in July 2014) and a research article on the potential shamanistic elements within Minoan cult co-written by Caroline J. Tully (who was interviewed here even further back, in January 2013). For those who aren't subscribers to this thought-provoking journal, check out this new edition over at the Taylor & Francis website.

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