Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Kenneth Anger Lecture and Seven Questions With Me

Just a quick post to say that – as I mentioned in an update last month – tomorrow I shall be lecturing on the theme of Kenneth Anger, Archaeology, and Occultism at the UCL Petrie Museum in Central London. The talk will be accompanied by a screening of Anger's cult classic, Lucifer Rising, which offers an exposition of his own Thelemite beliefs. Tickets sold out quickly, but if you were lucky enough to get one then I look forward to seeing you tomorrow!

In other news, UCL have recently posted a brief interview conducted with me over at their website, as part of their attempts to publicise the university and the sort of research that gets carried out there. I won't claim that it's the most fascinating read in the world, but if it does interest you then you can check it out here: Seven Questions With... Ethan Doyle White.

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