Saturday, 4 October 2014

New publication: Book review of Bintley and Shapland's "Trees and Timber in Anglo-Saxon England" for Time and Mind.

Academic publishers Taylor & Francis have just brought out the latest edition of Time and Mind: The Journal of Archaeology, Consciousness and Culture (vol. 7, iss. 3). Aside from the fact that it's a really interesting and thought-provoking journal in general, I would also recommend this edition as it contains a new book review authored by yours truly. The review in question is devoted to Michael D.J. Bintley and Michael G. Shapland's edited volume on Trees and Timber in Anglo-Saxon England, published last year by Oxford University Press; a pioneering anthology exploring both the symbolic/ritualistic and pragmatic role that wood played in this period. For those interested (and who have institutional or other such access to the journal), check out the review here.

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