Thursday, 12 June 2014

The new poster for "New Antiquities"...

As I first posted here at Albion Calling back in May, later this month I will be leaving London and heading east to Berlin, there to present a paper on "The Revived Cult of Antinous" at the Free University of Berlin's "New Antiquities: Transformations of the Past in the New Age and Beyond" conference. As the days count down to the event, I have just realised that they have put together a poster for the event, and so I thought that I would post it here.

Organised by Almut-Barbara Renger and Dylan Burns, the event will seek to undertake a "critical examination of how individuals and groups appeal to, reconceptualize, and reinvent the religious world of the ancient Mediterranean as they attempt to legitimize developments in contemporary religious life (1960s–present day)." As such, it contains a variety of papers on the themes of contemporary Paganism and Neo-Gnosticism, and looks set to be a really interesting event. The program is now available online, and while I am unsure if tickets are yet available for purchase, those who want to attend should keep their eyes peeled.

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  1. Looking forward to it, although I am rather tired from my long travels...Hopefully I'll revive for this last thing on my schedule. My abstract here, with a nice pic