Friday, 21 March 2014

New publication: Nevill Drury - The Last Conversation

Back in February 2013 I conducted an interview with Australian Pagan and religious studies scholar Dr. Nevill Drury, in what proved to be one of his final public online contributions before his untimely death in October. Now OTHER Conversations, an imprint of the Australian-based OTHER magazine (to which I have also contributed in the past) has published a tribute book devoted to him, titled simply Nevill Drury: The Last Conversation. Alongside a wealth of photographs it includes not only the interview that I conducted but also that conducted by Greg Kaminsky for The Occult of Personality blog in addition to a special introduction from publisher and art director Tim Hartridge discussing his relationship with Dr. Drury. For those interested, copies can be purchased over at the OTHER website for $13.95 plus postage, while an introductory video to the publication has been uploaded on to YouTube:

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