Thursday, 9 January 2014

Doug's Archaeology Carnival: January Questions

Regular readers of Albion Calling will be aware that I am currently taking part in Doug's Archaeology Carnival, in which the proprietor of Doug's Archaeology poses monthly questions to a wide array of archaeological bloggers regarding their experiences with this particular form of social media. Following November and December's questions, he has now posed us the first question of 2014, asking "What are your best (or if you want your worst) post(s) and why ?"

As archaeologists, we become accustomed to death, for we spend our lives devoted to studying dead people and dead things. That can sometimes make us forget the very real horror of facing death, and the deeply painful loss that individuals feel when they lose a loved one. From my perspective, my worst posts are those where I have been required to break the news of someone's death to the wider scholarly community. Over the past twelve months, I have had to do that twice. Both Dr Dave Evans and Dr Nevill Drury (each well renowned scholars of the academic study of Western esotericism and of Pagan studies) passed away, and worse, both were facing terminal diseases at what were relatively young ages. I had personally communicated with both of them in the months before their passings, and each had graciously accepted to be interviewed by me for my blog. I like to think that those interviews stand as enduring testaments to their achievements and contributions to scholarship; in fact, I like to think that those were my best blog posts, for that very reason.


  1. Hi Ethan

    Do you have links to those posts? The carnival tends to bring in new viewers to blogs who might not have read your older posts?