Thursday, 31 October 2013

New publication: “Becoming a Witch; Becoming Other" in OTHER Magazine

The first edition of OTHER.
As a result of my ongoing academic research into contemporary witchcraft beliefs, several months ago I was asked to contribute an article for a popular audience to be included within the inaugural issue of a new publication, OTHER magazine. Based in Australia, this exciting new journal seeks to "explore other ways of seeing the world and challenge readers to open themselves to cultures, experiences, views, and ways of living that fundamentally differ from their own." In doing so it brings together art and occultism in a beautiful manner that I hope will attract readers from many walks of life across the globe.

My contribution is titled "Becoming a Witch; Becoming Other", and muses on the question of precisely why certain unusual individuals living in the modern world choose to call themselves "witches" in spite of all the persecution and ill-will that they might face. In this it has thematic links to the very first academic paper that I ever published, "The Meaning of 'Wicca': A Study in History, Etymology and Pagan Politics", which appeared in the pages of The Pomegranate: The International Journal of Pagan Studies back in 2010. For those who have an interest in the weird and the wonderful, the first issue of this new venture is available online for free here, representing a taster that the editors hope will attract paying customers when the next issue comes out in December. I'd welcome my readers to go and check it out !


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