Wednesday, 16 October 2013

In Memoriam: Dr Nevill Drury

Dr. Drury, in an image provided to me
by him earlier this year.
It is with much sadness that I must announce the loss of a great scholar of Pagan studies and the academic study of Western esotericism, Dr. Nevill Drury, who passed away at his home in Australia yesterday at the age of 66. Drury was accomplished in many different fields, from propagating Neo-Shamanism to encouraging an interest in Indigenous Australian art, and as a scholar will perhaps be best known for being the biographical researcher who helped to bring knowledge of Rosaleen Norton, the "Witch of King's Cross", to the world. Drury provided an interview with Albion Calling back in February, during which he mused over his life and work, and in many ways I hope that that interview stands as a tribute to a man who accomplished so much in a lifetime cut brutally short.

This upsetting news comes far too soon after the sad passing of Dr Dave Evans, another brilliant scholar in the field who had also spent his final days in Australia. Like Dr Drury, Dr Evans had also provided an interview with me here at Albion Calling, and I can only hope that the two interviews play some small part in ensuring that the legacies of these two pioneering scholars continue to be remembered. My thoughts and condolences go out to all of Dr Drury's family and friends. Although I did not know him personally, I enjoyed our friendly correspondence and am thankful for that experience.

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